28 05, 2020

013 – School hours, term time only. You can do it and you can make money

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Show notes - 013 It this episode I start to tackle the problem that many women suffer and that is to try and earn some money working only during school hours and term time only.  I talk about how you can create a micro-business doing some thing [...]

22 05, 2020

012 – Kick your Limiting Beliefs to the Curb

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Show notes - 012 Limiting beliefs can massively and negatively impact your life. In this episode, I delve into the subject of limiting beliefs. How we get them, how we recognise them, how we get rid of them. This is such a huge subject and this episode [...]

16 05, 2020

011 – Raise Your Game and Accept the Opportunities Coming to You

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Show notes - 011 To note if you are listening to this episode yards down the line as this episode is being recorded whilst most of the planet is on lockdown due to Corona Virus. So we could all feel as if we have been backed into [...]

9 05, 2020

010 – Create a ‘worship at the church of’ following but be very careful of your own worshipping

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Show notes - 010 You have seen it for yourself. You may be one, a worshipper.  Gone are the days of doing cold calls to sell your products. Influencers soon caught onto the fact that followers create incomes. Influencers are what they are because they have created [...]

13 07, 2018

008 – School holidays vs female entrepreneurs

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008 - Show notes In this episode, I talk about something I have already written about on my blog. It is about the impact that school holidays can have on female entrepreneurs and how more support is needed to support families with childcare during the school holidays and [...]

20 06, 2018

007 – Break your job habits you are an entrepreneur now

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007 - Show notes From the day we start school, we are led down a path of a quite a strict routine and we were required to be there by law. Our parents knew the school terms, what time school started, what time school and off we [...]

29 05, 2018

005 – GDPR Compliance – It’s not just for Christmas

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Show notes - 005 So finally after a two year lead in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now becomes enforceable. It would appear though, this new regulation has thrown the whole business world into a tailspin. I have received emails that I didn't need to receive, [...]