010 - Worship at the church of

Show notes – 010

You have seen it for yourself. You may be one, a worshipper.  Gone are the days of doing cold calls to sell your products. Influencers soon caught onto the fact that followers create incomes. Influencers are what they are because they have created “worship at the church of” followings.  They have found a way to get others to do the selling for them.  A ‘worship at the church of’ following is fiercely loyal.  They admire you, they are inspired by you and they will create opportunities for you because they will talk about you.

In this episode, I talk about those who have created a large fan following, how they did it and how you too can create yours. I talk about the positives and negatives of creating worshippers and I also talk about how you need to be confident and learn to trust yourself if you too are a worshipper.

Businesses who charge their value

Gary Veynerchuk: – He is the grandfather of influencing. He has a massive ‘worship at the church of’ following and has created highly successful businesses as a result of his worshippers.


Mrs Hinch:- Grew a huge following from her love of cleaning. Using Instagram alone she has created a very loyal ‘worship at the church of’ following.

Mrs Hinch Instagram

In the Frow:- A very successful blogger and vlogger who grew her following from her love of fashion.


Lydia Millen: –  Similar to In the Frow she has built a very loyal following because of her love of luxury products.


Sorted Food:- A group of guys that have built a multi million pound business from their love of food and the creative and innovative way they produce and publish videos.


Mel Robbins:- Simply from recognising how much The Five Second Rule resonated with people. Mel has created a huge following and has become one of the most successful speakers on the circuit.



My three books

As always in each episode, I give recommendations for three excellent books that relate to this subject. So here are the ones that I recommend to help start building a ‘worship at the church of’ following.

Crushing It

Gary Veynerchuk

This is a straight up tip after tip after tip book. Gary Verynerchuk using his own wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to show you the best way to create a ‘worship at the church of’ following. This one that is excellent as an audio book listen.

Amazon Affiliate link

Million Dollar Blog

Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This is a great book because it gives you real world advice from those that have built Million Dollar Blogs. Tons of tips on how to create a blog and then attract people to it. Well worth adding to your bookshelf.  Click on the image to buy.

Amazon Affiliate link

One Million Followers

Brendan Kane

Using himself as a guinea pig, the author set out to try and get one million followers in 30 days. This book is excellent because it tells you how he did it and how you can do the same for your own following. Worth the purchase. Click on the image.

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To close off

Thank you so much listening to this episode. I hope it helped you to understand why a ‘worship at the church of’ following is so important and the steps you need to take to get you started.  Let me know in the comments how it is all going, I love to hear from you.