School holiday term time only

Show notes – 013

It this episode I start to tackle the problem that many women suffer and that is to try and earn some money working only during school hours and term time only.  I talk about how you can create a micro-business doing some thing you love, in the hours that you want to work.

This is a turning point for me because it is not about creating a multi-million-pound business this is about creating something that you enjoy and doing it in the way that fits around your family.

I help to give you some ideas, what you can turn into a business and how you can do it with a minimal amount of money, how you can learn without it costing you anything and the fact you don’t need expensive tools to get started.   I just scratch the surface in this episode but the aim is to get your brain and inspire you to think this is possible.


My six YouTube channels

As always in each episode, I give recommendations for three excellent books that relate to this subject. So here are the ones that I recommend to do with beliefs about your value and how much you should be charging.

Andrew and Pete

Straight talking, easy to follow, lots of humour. Andrew and Pete are brilliant at helping you understand business right from startup but they also give excellent advice on how to structure your time, how to get over fear and other shit that comes up with you are starting and running a business.

Andrew Davis

I love Andrew Davis, his content and take on business so unique and innovative. And the way he delivers this is also unique and fun and can really help you to see how you should set up your business to deal with customers. His concept of the Loyalty Loop is genius.  Makes sure you subscribe and watch weekly.

Marie Forleo

Marie is the Queen of doing things her way. She created her own TV channel, she doesn’t have a ton of products she has one that she earns millions of dollars from. She just gives down to earth gives real advice and she is inspiring.  Well worth the subscribe so you know when to watch.

Marcus Sheridan

I came across Marcus because of his book They Ask You Answer and loved it. Since then I have watched many of his videos and he is fast becoming one of the best speakers in the world. He has a way that just simplifies what you need to do for your customers to attract them and keep them coming back. You will love him.

Daniel Priestley

I probably have learned more about business from Daniel that I have learned from anyone else on the planet. He has a genius knack of taking something that could be quite complex and simplifying it. He is such an advocate for entrepreneurs and believes that everyone has the capability to grow a business.  WATCH.

Carrie Green

The UK Queen of helping female entrepreneurs start and grow their business. She has created such a large following from her easy to understand content, from being consistent, from being, from understanding how business is changing. She is the foundation of creating a business in the way you want. A must subscribe channel.

To close off

Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. I hope it helped to give you a spark of inspiration to think about starting your own business and solving the problem of school hours, term time only doing something you love and not a shit job. Please leave me a comment, if any questions. Thank you again, stay safe and J.F.D.I.