Show notes – 014

It is a topic I have talked about a lot recently and that is why I titled this episode ‘Why don’t I shut up about content?’.  It is important to understand if you want to start and grow a business, exactly what content is and why you have to make it an important part of your daily activity.

So many people regard content as something they will do after everything else is done.  However, it is one of the main ways we communicate these days.  Do you stand over your garden fence and ask for the name of a plumber or would you post that question on a Facebook group? That is content!

It is important to understand the psychology behind why someone writes and consumes content.  Why does someone make the decision to post on their timeline in Facebook instead of in a group?  Why does someone post on Mumsnet instead of creating a private email? Why does someone create a TikTok video instead of an Instagram post?

These elements and more are discussed in this episode.

Links & people mentioned in this episode

My podcasts and blog posts I mention

009 – Mini relaunch and reinvention of my business 

In this episode, I talk about the personal circumstances that forced me to rethink my business model. Click on the podcast title to listen.

010 – Create a ‘worship at the church of following’ but be very careful of your own worshipping 

In this episode, I take about how content will help you to create a ‘worship at the church of following’.

Why oh why, do I have to create content

Similar to this episode I explain why content is so important and areas in which you can focus your content.

Zero Moment of Truth

Click on the title above to be able to download Google’s Zero Moment of Truth document. In the episode, I talk about some of the outcomes from this research which identifies how much content you need to create.

Loyalty Loop

Andrew Davis – The Loyalty Loop

The image above shows the flow of The Loyalty Loop and in the episode, I talk about why Andrew’s model fits so much better with today’s world rather than the old fashioned funnel that everyone bangs on about.

I highly recommend you watch this video and all the other’s from Andrew Davis because he is such an expert in his field.

My three books

As always in each episode, I give recommendations for three excellent books that relate to this subject. So here are the ones that I recommend that help you understand why content is so important.

They Ask You Answer

Marcus Sheridan

This is such a great book in which Marcus explained that by answering his people’s questions, through blog posts,  with absolute honesty he turned his failing business around.  Click on the image to buy

Amazon Affiliate Link

Million Dollar Blog

Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This is a great book because it gives you real-world advice from those that have built Million Dollar Blogs. Tons of tips on how to create a blog and then attract people to it.  Click on the image to buy.

Amazon Affiliate link

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Gary Vaynerchuk

The reason why I recommend another book by Gary Vaynerchuk is that this is not only about creating content but it is about creating the right type of content.  It is not just about the sale. Click on the image to buy.

Amazon Affiliate Link

To close off

Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. I hope it helps you to understand why content is so important to the growth of your business. If you have any questions or would like me to create a podcast around then please leave me a comment. Stay safe and see you in the next episode.