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306, 2020

20 free apps that can help you start and grow your business

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Just Fucking Do It I understand that fear can get in the way. That starting a business or moving your business to a new level can be scary. One of the main excuses I always get is to do with money. People can't afford to start a business without money is said a lot.  [...]

2605, 2020

Why oh why, do I have to create content?

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Put your content crown on This is a subject I can and have ranted on for hours about and the original title of the blog was 'Why do I have to create fucking content?' expressing my frustration and the only reason I changed it was because it doesn't rank as well on Google. I [...]

2105, 2020

Come Out of the Shit Smelling of Roses – 10 Lockdown Lessons

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Yes another post about lockdown I am going to be another one of those people and write a post for businesses about the lockdown. I have tried to resist but the ranter in me could not hold back any longer. The fact we can't get away from and has compelled me to write this [...]

1405, 2020

You Don’t Have to be a Salesperson, You Need to be an Engagement Person

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How to piss people off It was my BD recently and at the end of the day, a message popped into my Messenger. A complete stranger wishing me a happy birthday. But it turned out, as I suspected, she didn’t give a shit about my BD. She quickly dispersed with BD niceties and went [...]

905, 2020

Don’t let your ‘worship at the church of’ following get in your head

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A Wired Article Flora Tsapovsky wrote a piece for Wired Magazine titled Could the Corona Virus Kill Influencer Culture? Influencers fascinate me. I research them a lot and their ‘worship at the church of’ following. Episode 010 of The Angela Harkness Show actually talks about how to create a ‘worship at the church of’ [...]

1905, 2019

My top 5 favourite audiobooks for business

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Why audio? I love, love, love, audiobook. I listen to them when I travel, when I cook, when I work, when I walk and any other chance I get. There are so many authors publishing amazing books that can really help you to advance your life and your business. However, I understand with all [...]