Full Power

Show notes – 011

To note if you are listening to this episode yards down the line as this episode is being recorded whilst most of the planet is on lockdown due to Corona Virus. So we could all feel as if we have been backed into a corner. In this episode, I talk about shining a light on this dark deep corner and raising our game and taking opportunities to create good where many just see doom and gloom.

Some of you may listen to this with a sense of there is no hope for me but I hope it will inspire others to take chance on themselves and their dreams and take steps forward rather than feeling like you are stuck and there is no hope.

Entrepreneurs to look to for inspiration

Not an entrepreneur, well actually he is. If you have not watched it yet can I advise that you watch The Last Dance on Netflix about Michael Jordan’s last season in the NBA.  Whether you like or don’t like sport this is a documentary about someone who had an incredible ability to raise their game. I highly recommend you watch it.

I recommend a list of entrepreneurs whos content you should consume to help you get out of feeling stuck.

Gary Vaynerchuk:  You can consume his content every where. Type in his name and go where you like he is all over social media.  I have linked you to his YouTube channel which has the most up to date content.


Andrew Davis:  I love Andrew Davis because he deliver such a different message than others in his field. He is a visionary and is well worth taking the time to consume his content.

Daniel Priestly:  Always worth a listen, read his posts, his blogs anywhere you can consume his content. He understands the plight of an entrepreneur and always has wise words.


Erica Nardini:  I really have consumed a huge amount of her content. She is in it, trying to get Barstool Sports surviving and thriving and she offers such genuine insights into business growth.


My Six Podcasts

Normally in my episodes, I recommend three books but this week I wanted to give you some free resources to listen to, to get advice and feel inspired. There is nothing better than listening to a podcast you can listen to them anywhere and like I said they are free so no excuses for not learning.

As always in each episode, I give recommendations for three excellent books that relate to this subject. So here are the ones that I recommend to do with beliefs about your value and how much you should be charging.

Token CEO

Erica Nardini

I have spoken about Erica in the last couple of episodes. This is a daily podcast started during the lockdown and offers more business advice than business podcast put together.  This is a must to listen to.

Token CEO Cover

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher

I think in every episode I have declared my love for James Altucher, he has such a unique and genuine spin on business. His podcast, over 600 episodes now is packed to the gills of incredible guests.

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

Rob Moore

Again in several podcasts, I have mentioned how much I love Rob’s books. His podcast is equally as informative in his unique style with equals amounts of business and life advice.

Goal Digger

Jenner Kutcher

The Queen of Marketing. Jenner Kutcher started as a self-taught photographer and ended up being a marketing powerhouse. Her Goal Digger podcast gives lots of advice on all this marketing and running a business.

Goal Digger

She Did It Her Way

Amanda Boleyn

This is the perfect podcast for female entrepreneurs. In this podcast, Amanda interviews female entrepreneurs about their journey. You get incredible advice, real-life advice listening to this podcast.  Lots of inspiration.

Run Like Clockwork

Mike Michalowicz

I love, love, love Mike Michalowicz books.  They are so valuable. This podcast is just full of brilliant ideas, advice and relatable case studies on how to create an incredible business.  You will love this podcast. It is a must listen.

To close off

Thank you so much for listening. I really hope that this episode gave you hope, a little inspiration and light in the current situation. Please leave comments and let me know how you are doing, if you have any questions I love to hear from you.