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Show notes – 006

It is a lesson to be learnt as a female entrepreneur about how giving your value away for free or cheap does your business a disservice. In this episode of my podcast I talk about the problems that come with devaluing your own worth.  You soon come to find that when you give away services, products and advice away for free people do shit with it.

In this podcast, I discuss how you really need to understand the value of your own experience, knowledge and the products and services that you are offering.  To get over any limiting beliefs you have about charging high prices and how once again following the crowd when it comes o pricing does not draw in the clients.  This links very closely to niching your business and how this enables to charge higher prices.

Businesses who charge their value

Hipchips: – This is a shop/restaurant in London that sells luxury crips. They use the highest quality products to create their decadent boxes of crisps with homemade dips.

Maitre Choux:- The world of designer eclairs. Pieces of choux art.

Tracy Anderson:-  Is a celebrity personal trainer who charges her worth and has created a business empire from it.

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Companies mentioned in this episode

My three books

As always in each episode, I give recommendations for three excellent books that relate to this subject. So here are the ones that I recommend to do with beliefs about your value and how much you should be charging.

You are a BadAss at Making Money

Jen Sincero

This is such a great book and will help you to remove any limiting beliefs about money, in a very straight talking way

Choose yourself Guide to Wealth

James Altucher

I love this book, it is such a practical guide to both dealing with money from a personal and business perspective

Money: Know more, make more, give more

Rob Moore

This is a great book that pulls punch and lets you know straight up how to charge more in your business

To close off

Thank you so much listening to this podcast. I hope it helped to give you a little bit of confidence to make sure you charge your value.