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So finally after a two year lead in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now becomes enforceable. It would appear though, this new regulation has thrown the whole business world into a tailspin. I have received emails that I didn’t need to receive, reconsent that I should have received and websites I have visited that are definitely not GDPR compliant.

The reason for this podcast is to try and dispell some of the myths. It is titled GDPR Compliance – It’s not just for Christmas because I have had so many businesses discuss it as if it is a one-time thing, I even received an email from a company title ‘We never have to talk about GDPR again”.  That is not the case, the new regulation requires you to be more up to date and transparent with the personal data your company holds, for example, you are required to regularly get reconsent for the information you on your email lists.

There are many businesses that jumped onto the GDPR bandwagon and I am concerned about some of the information I have seen people receive by people who don’t have the knowledge or experience to be giving that advice. Therefore, in this episode of the show, I invited a very special guest. Lesley Cooley is a genuine and qualified GDPR expert.

Lesley Cooley – GDPR Advisors UK

Lesley is the founder of GDPR Advisors UK and is a qualified Data Protection Officer and Auditor. She has over 15 years experieLesley Cooley - GDPR expertnce in this industry and brings a ton of knowledge and experience to the table which enables here to speak about GDPR with authority.

GDPR Advisors UK helps companies of all sizes with a range of products for solopreneurs to large corporations. In this episode, Lesley clears up some of the confusion and answers many of the questions the company gets asked on a daily basis.

I only got through a fraction of the questions I wanted to ask so will do a follow-up episode in the future.

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Tel: 020 8720 6585

Facebook:  GDPR Advisors UK

Twitter: @lesleycooley

Instagram: @gdpradvisorsuk

GDPR Advisors UK

In each of the other podcasts, I have given recommendations of books that I thought or my guest have thought would add value, to the topic, for you to read. In these shows notes, I will give you some of the options for packages that GDPR Advisors UK sells so that you can ensure that you fully understand GDPR and you continue to have good practices in your business ongoing.

If you would like access any services that GDPR Advisors UK offer then you can go to their website

Ongoing Support

Training Courses

GDPR Advisors UK has a number of online training courses for small business owners and businesses who have employees.  They also have some industry-specific packages.  They also offer some face to face training courses to help ensure that your whole team understands the regulation and their role in your company’s GDPR compliance.

GDPR Compliance Discovery

GDPR Advisors UK offers a unique service to carry a discovery period for companies who look after larger amounts of data than the online packages were designed to support. Members of GDPR will come on site, talk to staff, look at all the processes and policies and create a report to tell you which areas are compliant and which areas require further attention.

Ongoing Support

GDPR Advisors UK offers a number of ongoing support services, for example, if you require a Data Protection Officer but don’t have the budget for someone full time then GDPR Advisors UK can help also if you receive a Subject Access Request they can support you through the process and ensure the information you send is correct.

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