Show notes – 004

In this episode, we talk about the power of niching. How can you create a niche in your business that helps you to stand out from the crowd and be able to charge premium prices?  I aimed to give you an ideas filled show with plenty of examples of companies that have successfully niched and are ahead in their industry.

Business who have perfectly niched

Gyoza Guys: –  Their obsession with gyoza and creating the perfect fried dumpling have grown them a cult following.  They can be found at Maltby Street Market every weekend with, what seems like an endless pile of bamboo steamers full of gyoza.

Bloom and Wild: – This unique floristry company has created a unique delivery system, which enables beautiful bouquets to be delivered through the letterbox.

Matire Choux: –  The pastry chefs at Maitre Choux are artists. They create beautiful eclairs at a premium price that has people queuing out the door.

Happy Baby and Me: – Tracy Newberry the founder of this company has created an amazing micro-niche to help desperate parents get their babies to sleep.

The Dry Bar: – To noticing, as a mobile hairdresser, how popular her $40 blow drys were to opening the first Dry Bar in 2010 to growing the business to over 90 locations. Alli Webb is the perfect example of someone who has taken a niche and grown it to an incredibly successful business.

My three books

Each week I or my guest if there is one gives a recommendation for three books relevant to the topic of the episode. These are my three recommendations for books that give good advice about niching.

Purple Cow

Seth Godin

The master of marketing. Seth introduced the idea of being a purple cow, being remarkable in your business

Key Person of Influence

Daniel Priestley

A great book that introduces you to the idea of niching to enable you to become a Key Person of Influence.

Small Giants

Bo Burlingham

This is a perfect book to showcase businesses that decided to stick to their principles and become small giants in their field.

To close off

Thank you for listening, I hope this episode made you think and has got your wheels turning and you are starting to think about how you can niche your business.

So once again thank you for listening, please leave a comment I love to hear from you.