Show notes – Episode 003

This is a very special show because I am joined by a very special guest.  Cheryl Laidlaw, also known as London Web Girl, is a branding, website design and social media expert, on top of that she is a very important friend to me.  Cheryl is responsible for the design of this current website and for the High Heelers website and the famous pink shoe.

In this episode, we talk about all thinks clout and Klout.  Clout when it comes to how much influence you have and the app and website Klout which shows the measure of your influence.

Cheryl Laidlaw

Cheryl has spent her working career designing and left her job to start the successful Reyl Design Group a full design agency, that offers website design, branding, social media, SEO, graphic design, email marketing and copywriting services.   She grew the business from start into a thriving agency and has become well known in the industry.  My logo for High Heelers is a perfect example of her work and you can find out for yourself more information in the links below.

Through her years of experience, knowledge of the market and learning from what clients were looking for which is a quick and efficient way to have a new website go live Cheryl founded Website In A Day. This was an instant success with businesses lining up to book her for this service.  Concept, images and content are all agreed up front and then the client spends the day with Cheryl the website is built and goes live at 17:30.   There are few web designers that would be capable of offering this service. Cheryl can work at recording breaking speed to create a beautiful and high-quality website.  This website is a perfect example of what can be created by Website in a Day.  You can see more of her work and understand the process in the links below.

Cheryl is also known as London Web Girl a blog she created because she wanted to document her life as a woman in tech and design. She writes about all her adventures, her love of London and where her business leads her, her love of food, travel, her favourite places and products. You can keep up with her day to day life in links below.

Instagram famous

Cheryl and I spent a fair percentage of the show mentioning Instagram because it is such an influential platform. We mentioned a few places that have been made become very popular Instagrammable spots to take images and I promised in the show that I would give you the details.

Peggy Porschen

A cake & coffee shop in Belgravia London, that has become famous for it’s Instagrammable door.

Élan Cafe

Situated in Park Lane and Brompton Road London, it has become famous for its flower wall.

Liberty London

Liberty London became the go-to place for an Instagram picture because of its flower letterbox

Apps mentioned

We mentioned a number of useful apps, on top of the social media apps we discuss. They are listed below so that you can check them out for yourself.

Klout: This episode is really based around Klout.  You sign up for the app online, connect your social media accounts and within a couple of days it will give you your score.  The aim, through engagement, on each of the social media platforms, is to grow your Klout score.

Trello: I have spoken about Trello before. It is a great app to help you organise your processes. There is a paid for version but the free version is excellent and gives you all you need.

Creative Markets: Is just a brilliant site to get images, fonts and every kind of template. If you are looking for a special image for your website you will find it here.

Canva: Again another brilliant free piece of software that can help you look like you are an expert in graphic design.

The three books

In every podcast, I recommend three top books relevant to the subject that I suggest you add to your bookshelf.   This episodes podcast was brought to you by Cheryl. So here are her recommendations.

How to style your brand

by Fiona Humberstone

This is a really great book to help you understand brand and how to start to get some ideas about your’s

They Ask You Answer

by Marcus Sheridan

This is a brilliant recommendation by Cheryl. If you are struggling to understand what content you should.

Million Dollar Blog

by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

If this is your dream then another great recommendation by Cheryl. Well worth a purchase.

Thank you

Thank you for listening to this episode. I hope you enjoyed. Please subscribe and leave a comment I would love to hear from you.