6 01, 2018

Passion = Business = Dream Lifestyle

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The invisible epidemic of limiting beliefs I have spoken to so many women who seem to be disillusioned with where they are in their lives. They claim they want something different, they want to feel different, they want a change in their lifestyle. However, I am always astounded that, when you ask the question, [...]

4 01, 2018

Get help kicking arse with a Pinterest vision board

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Why make your dreams visual? Vision boards are an incredibly powerful way to create some thing visual for the dreams, desires and goals you have set for yourself and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to do this.  In my post How to kick the arse out of 2018, I talk [...]

3 01, 2018

The art of the afternoon tea business meeting

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The freedom One of the best things that comes with ditching the corporate life and becoming a female entrepreneur is you can do business exactly when, where and how you want. One of my favourite things to do is to hold meetings over afternoon tea. There is something so decadent about the ritual of [...]

1 01, 2018

What would you if you won the lottery?

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The story This was one of the first blog posts I wrote, a few years ago, for another website, but it is personally one of the most powerful I have written and I refer to it and the story within a lot.  As it is a new year and it has an important message, [...]

30 12, 2017

How to kick the arse out of 2018

By |2017-12-30T15:09:57+00:00December 30th, 2017|Business, Life, Life Style|1 Comment

In preparation It is here, another new year.  A fresh start, new beginnings, a time to give yourself a real chance as we head into 2018.  Did you achieve all you wanted to in 2017? Or do you want to close the door on the year and forget that it ever happened? What ever [...]

23 11, 2017

10 best Black Friday business deals

By |2017-11-24T16:06:29+00:00November 23rd, 2017|Business, Life Style|Comments Off on 10 best Black Friday business deals

Black Friday and Business So you may be waiting to give your credit card a bit of a bashing with Black Friday only hours away, but don’t forget your business needs some love, care and investment. So here are some of the best deals that I can find that will help you business in [...]

23 11, 2017

My favourite places to do business over breakfast

By |2018-01-08T20:46:21+00:00November 23rd, 2017|Business, Life Style|1 Comment

Business & breakfast To me, business and breakfast go hand in hand. It is my favourite meal to eat out. There is still something so decadent about it. After years as a child, growing up eating a range of cereals from a bowl sat at a breakfast bar, to sit in the glamours surroundings [...]

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