My love of pens

I’m addicted

I always have been.  I love, love, love anything stationery and always have.  I have already written about my favourite notebooks in my post The Notebook Queen and in this post, I am going to bring you my favourite, pens, pencils and highlighters.  To be honest I could have written separate posts for each but that would have just made me look sad.  So these are my top, top, top choice.

I can really pinpoint why it is such an addict, I love technology but there for me, there is a power of putting pen or pencil to paper. There is something that clarifies an idea when you can map it out with a pencil and a piece of paper.  I think to all the ideas that I have written down using a cheap ballpoint pen or ideas and profound statements I have highlighted from amazing books.

So I dedicate this post to all the new dreams, ideas, quotes that come along because I can pick up a simple pen or pencil.






I am very particular about the pens I write with. They have to feel right in my hand, the weight has to feel balanced the nib has to feel right, it needs to flow over the paper and ink needs to distribute evenly. That said I am not a pen snob, whilst I think everyone should own a decent pen, I am happy to write with a cheap as I am an expensive pen, in fact, some of my favourite pens have been pens I have taken from hotels or conferences,  it just has to feel right for me.

So here are some of my very favourite pens that I am using at the moment.





1) Mont Blanc –  Meisterstück 

MontblacI think that everyone should have a quality pen and Mont Blancs are classic.  They have a huge range and often bring out special edition pens. I am lucky enough to have a couple and each one I treasure. It should be a treat for yourself and maybe you make as a reward for setting up your business or making your first sale.

Look over the range at

2) Plooms Fountain Pens

I have two of these both a gift from a client. It feels so old school to write with a fountain pen again and I love it. I also love this colour. This makes such a gorgeous gift for yourself or someone else. They come in a really lovely box, a handwritten note, the pen has a little bow around it. The whole experience of opening it is a special as it is to write with these pens. I also love the huge range of colours that they come that I can see myself collecting them.

Plooms –

Muji – Smooth Writing Gel Ink Pens

MujiI love these pens. The Japanese know how to do it when it comes to stationery.  There are many that I could have chosen from the mighty Muji but these are my favourite. They write beautifully, they are fun and they are cheap at £1.95 a pen. What I love is they come in 11 different colours from black to cherry to yellow.  I use up so many and I am constantly having to reorder them.

Muji –

Paper Mate – Paper Mate Flair

I wanted to add these because these are like old school felt tip pens. They come in so many colours and I love to use these for really mapping out goals and plans, using a big A3 sheet of paper.

Paper Mate Flair –

Pencil Shavings


There is not really much to say about pencils. They are the first things you use to learn to write with. And with a simple pencil and a piece of paper, you can start to create something that could change your life and change the world.

I love pencils, but again they have to be right, they feel right in your hand, they have to be the right weight, the lead needs to be quality so it doesn’t keep breaking.

So here are just a few you could add to your incredibly glamorous desk.


Fucking Brilliant Pencils

These were brought as a gift for me and I love them.  Not just because of the incredible quotes on them but because they are actually really nice pencils to write with.

fucking brilliant pencils

To purchase click on this AAL –  Fucking Brilliant Pencils

Graf von Faber-Castell

Initio Pencil

This is one to add to the reward list as it comes in at £150. But it is about understanding the value of what that pencil could create by using it.  As in business, it is not about the price it is about the value.

To purchase go to Paperchase – Graf von Faber-Castell – Initio Pencil

Helix Oxford 

Eraser Tipped HB Pencils

Sometimes you just have to go old school.  Because at the end of the day to create brilliance you only need a pencil and a scrap of paper. So this are just classic HB pencils, 72 of them in fact. Just get creating.

To purchase click on this AAL – Helix Oxford pack of 72 pencils


I love, love, love a highlighter. I get so excited when I need to highlight something and I never read a book without a highlighter in hand.  I have to stop myself from buying a constant supply. In this post, I have given you my two absolute favourites and that was purely to stop me spending hours on Amazon going down a highlighter rabbit hole that may end up costing me a fortune.

Muji Highlighters

These have been a firm favourite for a long time. They come in five colours. They are double ended, last a long time. You can buy them individually at only £1.50 each. I suggest you go crazy. 

Zebra Midliners

These are amazing. Again double ended.  What I love about them is how many colours they come in.  Twenty, yes twenty.  They are the highlighter du jour, for any influencers.

Click here to buy. 

Zebra Midliners


I hope you enjoy this post as much as I have had fun looking through stationery websites.  Please leave a comment on your own favourite pens, pencils and highlighters.