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What is a Super Connector?

A super connector is what it says on the tin.  We all know people who know everyone, but that is not quite what I mean. You may be a good networker, you may know how to work a room and get to know everyone in a room. But a Super Connector takes their network to the next level.

A Super Connector thinks differently, they have actively built a wide and varied network and they use this to the advantage of others. They are able to recognise that two people or a group of people may have something in common and they facilitate the introductions and connections.

Take Lewis Howes, he spent over a year on his Sister’s couch after a career ending sports injury. In that time he learnt every nuance of LinkedIn and built a massive network, he then started to hold meetups that enabled thousands of people to connect.


Why become a Super Connector?

We all want to create successful businesses and increase our influence.  By becoming a Super Connector you expand your network in new and diverse ways. You open doors that you would not have thought of by sticking to a straight path.  New and exciting opportunities will come your way through connecting two people together.  And as you continue down a path of becoming a Super Connector and continually growing your network you will increasingly cement the network that you do have.

You will become known as a Super Connector, people will respect and trust you and it helps to expand your thinking when you link two people together and the new ideas that are created from it.

As an incredible added bonus, it does feel really good to put two people together who then go onto to expand their businesses as a result.







So how do you become a Super Connector?

Here is my list of 10 ways in which you can take steps to become a Super Connector.


  1. Make a decision to become a Super Connector.
    Some people do this naturally, but it is a talent that can be learnt. Even introverts, in today’s virtual world can become Super Connectors.  But it needs to be a state of mind,  you need to continually think about it as you grow your own network.
  2. Be aware of who you are connected to:
    How many times do you click “Accept Request” on your social media each day? Start to become more aware of those that you connect with.  Especially in places such as LinkedIn which is a perfect Super Connector platform.  I accepted a request from someone just the other day because I knew they would be a good introduction for someone in my network.  So make an effort to become more aware. If you are a business card hoarder then go back through your cards and get to know more about the person who gave it to you.
  3. Keep a good track on who you meet:
    As with the above, don’t just meet someone and then throw their card into a box. Have a process, do some research, listen to them when they talk to you and make notes. Put all of that information into your CRM immediately, then schedule times you revisit their information and see if your network has changed to be able to create a good connection.
  4. Engage with People:
    This is standard 101 “How to Network” but it is incredible how many people fail to do this. Once you, yourself have met someone or connected with someone, engage with them immediately. If you have met them at an event, connect with them on Social Media, send them a message to say how nice it was to meet them. Look immediately to see if there is anyone you can connect them to.  Trust me just by doing this single step you are doing more than 99% of people who go to networking meetings.
  5. Ask:
    Be active, Ask them who they want to be connected with and then look through your network and connect them. You will be respected for doing this.
  6. Keep your Calendar Full:
    Don’t just use the virtual world to keep up to date with your connections. If you are going anywhere then go through your connections and see who you can meet up with. I was once told that Super Connectors never lunch alone. Find out what is going on in their world, if anything has changed since they last met and then when you get home update your CRM. Meet people for coffee, tell them about events that are going on and arrange to meet them there.
  7. Do it:
    If you say you are going to connect people then do it. I have lost count of the number of people who said they were going to connect me with someone and the connection never materialised. When I ran mastermind groups it was a rule for joining. When you say you will connect someone it was added to the Accountability Tracker and group members are held accountable to ensure that they follow through. Super Connectors don’t do that. Super Connectors constantly think about their network, they keep their promises and go above and beyond.
  8. Host your own events:
    Bring together a varied group of people and get them in a room to connect. Do it in an interesting way. James Altucher, in his book The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth, talks about Super Connectors.  He once brought a group together to celebrate the release of the new Star Wars film, he brought them all tickets to watch the film and then hosted an event afterwards. It is a brilliant way to cement your relationships, connect new people together and it will help to expand your own network.
  9. Ditch the standard networking events:
    Super Connectors need to continually grow their own networks but they don’t just do it at the standard old boring networking events. They are full of the same people all trying to do the same thing. Go through apps like Eventbrite and MeetUp, there are thousands of interesting events where you could meet and engage with really interesting people that you can build relationships with and connect them with other people in your network.  Once your reputation starts to grow you will start to get invited to many amazing events which will increase your opportunities to grow your own network.
  10. Make it part of your daily practice:
    Actually, schedule time to connect people as part of a daily practice. Target someone or a topic and see who you can connect. Set a target for yourself.


Set yourself a Challenge

So it this peaks your interest, if you would like to become a Super Connector then set yourself a challenge to become one.

Give yourself, 30, 60 or 90 days to make connecting part of your daily practice.  Start by knowing where you are. As the first step above states get to know your network.  Get your business cards out of boxes, and put them into a CRM, go through your phone,  review your LinkedIn connections, who is following you on other Social Media platforms.  Know your network.

Block time in your diary and get going. It will make a difference to your business. You will feel incredibly satisfied that you have connected people who can expand their businesses. Your network will grow, the chance for new opportunities will grow, your business will grow and you will create lasting personal and business relationships.

Are you up for the challenge of becoming a Super Connector?






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