It is time to stop blocking those ideas and let them flow

I know what it is like, you want to stand out, you need to move your business forward and you have big goals for yourself.  But, I know there are days when you just walk round and round in circles, you try pulling your hair out but nothing, you sit staring at a blank piece of paper, pen poised but still, the idea that you feel is on the tip of your brain will just not show itself?

No one told you about this when you started your own business. You know what you want in the long run, you know what you are good at. You are passionate about your business, you are a female entrepreneur with a purpose, but sitting in your office there is a humming sound where an idea should be. You are not alone, I promise, it is a common state of affairs when you run your own business when you really start to realise that it is a never-ending need for ideas and there are business women around the globe often staring into space just hoping.  But, that helps you not one bit, it can still feel a lonely place when you need the pounds to come in. That elusive idea you want that you know can give your business even more life, and from it will inspire new ideas.

But what separates you from the pack? I know you won’t give up, you are simply not prepared to follow the crowd and you will do what it takes to generate those ideas that can make you and your business the talk of the town.

So leave your hair alone and let’s see what we can do.

Ideas are the currency of life

What if you could spend two hours just coming up with ideas?

Do you think if you had that time, just a couple of hours to really draw out tangible income streams and generating ideas that would make a difference to you and your business? Would it re-energise you, inspire you to a new level of focus?

Because I know it would, I have seen it for myself

To walk away with a ton of ideas that can be turned into income generating products or services. Ideas that fit with your brand, your business and lifestyle goals.


To create ideas for the niche that you have been searching for. A niche that fits with what you are passionate about and that you know you could grow your business with.


Ideas that will enable you to create partnerships that will expand your reach, create new income streams and enable you to stand out from the crowd.



This simply named package is a chance for you to colour outside the lines and see what can be created. It is the opportunity for you to spend a powerful two hours discovering ideas that can take your business to a new level ……

Ideas are inspiring, they lift you, they open your mind to think of your business on a different scale.  I had one client double their monthly income with one idea and another grow their business from zero to a six-figure business in seven months.  Ideas fuel income and success.

Let’s see together what you can achieve with a two hour ‘Ideas’ session

Yes please I want some amazing ideas……
Investment – £500 – 2 hour Skype session

What others that have gone before you have said 

I had a two hour ‘Ideas’ coaching session with Angela recently and I have to say it was worth its weight in gold!!

As an entrepreneur managing the day to day running of two busy shops and all the business elements behind the scenes, I often forget about the big picture. When I do try and step out and think about my personal and business goals for the upcoming period, all my ideas and inspiration disappear and I draw a complete blank! Talking to Angela helped re-inspire me and come up with new ideas whilst keeping me focused on what was important to me and my long-term goals. Coaching is about investing in yourself, giving you the ideas, focus and drive to meet your goals, Angela is the catalyst I needed to make this happen !!

Georgina Hustler – Owner of Mason Rustic & Antique Rose Stores 

Me, ideas and my daily practise

I love ideas.  They inspire me. I love learning about people who are innovators and futurists, I admire good ideas and to ensure that my ideas skills are honed I practise them.

Yes, you read that correctly. I have a daily practice of coming up with at least 10 ideas on a particular subject. I have journals and journals full of the different ideas that I came up with. And if you are in the firing line of being one of my friends or clients you may wake up in the morning to find a list of ideas for blog posts you could write or online programmes you could create or 10 partnership ideas.

To be able to spend my days coming up with ideas is joy to me and to offer this two hour ‘Ideas’ session brings me as much inspiration as it will for you.  I get such a kick from seeing people who have made the investment and taken the ideas that have been discussed and created from them.

Are you and your business ready for some new amazing ideas?

I’m in…….

What are my next steps?



So how much does it cost?

This ‘Ideas’ session was created to help female entrepreneurs give their businesses a short, sharp, shock. Whether you are looking to find ideas on how to execute the idea’s you’ve already had or Ideas are not your things, or you needed someone to sound off to.  By making this only two hours via a video talk it makes it accessible to any business woman.


Angela is a force of nature, whose inclusive informative style is part of what I enjoyed so much about our session. She has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics that any entrepreneur with big aspirations needs to know. If you’re willing to work as hard as your dreams are big, she’s your lady!

Fiona Lundy

One conversation with Angela and I got the clarity I was seeking for months!  I had spoken with several coaches and reflected a whole lot but still found myself stuck until I had my breakthrough with Angela

I turned in to my inner GPS and felt like I grew wings to fly.

Sumbul , London


let’s get down to business


What others that have gone before you have said 

I had a 2 hour ‘Ideas’ session with Angela and it was fantastic.

I’m pretty organised with my business, with plans for the future but talking things through with Angela it showed me where I was moving forward in the right way and really highlighted areas where I didn’t quite have things as clear as they could be.  She is really intuitive and knowledgeable about business and is so giving with that knowledge. She really helped me get more focused. I highly recommend working with her to get direction and focus for your business.

Hemma Mason

Hemma Mason – Hemma Mason Photography