I do business, I do ideas.

I have been called a Business Futurist, a coach, a mentor and an educator, but I am not a big fan of being put in a box for the sake of a title.

With over 25 years of corporate experience, 20 of those years as a business owner. I have designed, implemented, run and drastically improved organisations. My experience includes getting drugs out of the door, tv programmes to the screens of viewers and access to the wealthiest of the wealth to get their money.

I have worked across Pharmaceuticals, Banking, TV & Media, Utilities, Property Development, Retail, Big Data and more.

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“we’re not just painting by numbers anymore.”

– Derek Sivers

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The thing that I have especially benefitted from whilst working with Angela is her ability to brainstorm ideas around business opportunities. She see’s niching your business not specifically about streamlining and focusing on one area. She gets right into the middle of the niche and explores it until suddenly the niche doesn’t feel that small anymore!

– Lydia Butler – Founder, Slide Desk


Whilst I learnt a huge amount working in and for corporations there is definitely a “stay in your lane” mentality which did not fit with my growing need to step out of the box in my business. So I changed my focus on what really truly sparks a fire in me, which is helping female founded businesses to create success.

Business is truly my life (sad I know).  Try spending a, so called, relaxing day with me and get my running commentary on what businesses are doing well and ideas they could put in place to help them stand out and grow. You will understand my obsession and why I do what I do.

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